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Open Joint Stock Company “Vitebsk meat-packing plant”
210604, the Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk
Beshenkovichskoye highway, 46
Tel.: +375212-61-76-87, +375212-61-76-95,
Fax: +375212-61-76-82, Email: vitmk1@tut.by

About the Plant

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The history of Open Joint Stock Company “Vitebsk meat-packing plant” goes back to 1924, when the butchering floor was set up. During the war the plant was completely destroyed, however thanks to the self-sacrificing labor of the staff it was promptly reconstructed. During the post-war years the meat-processing plant was reconstructed and expanded several times. As long as the need for the increase in the volume of production constantly grew and the limited territory did not allow increasing the manufacturing facilities, the Government of BSSR decided to build a new plant. The new Vitebsk meat-processing plant was launched in 1973. In the subsequent period and until now the meat-processing factory has been permanently working and steadily evolving. Every year the performance standards of the enterprise grow, new progressive technological processes are introduced, the assortment of produced goods grows and improve, new types of activities are adopted, the levels of qualification and education of the personnel grow, the management methods are improved. In 1998 the enterprise was reformed into a joint-stock company Open Joint Stock Company “Vitebsk meat-packing plant”.

JSC "Vitebsk meat-packing plant" is one of the largest producers of meat products in the Republic of Belarus.

At the end of 2014 JSC "Vitebsk meat-packing plant" for the production of sausages and semi-finished products among the five largest meat plants in Belarus. The range of products of JSC "Vitebsk meat-packing plant" has more than 400 items: sausages, pork products and beef products from the bacon, meat and meat-by-products, dumplings.
In the manufacture of meat products in the enterprise uses natural ingredients: pork, beef, poultry breast fillets. The company carefully suited to the selection of suppliers has its own source of raw materials and the latest slaughter line, which allows to obtain high-quality meat.
Given the trends in the market of sausage products and expert advice on healthy eating JSC "Vitebsk meat-packing plant" started the production of sausages with added beef and poultry meat (breast fillet).
The specialists of JSC "Vitebsk meat-packing plant" always thinking about the consumer, therefore constantly working to the quality of each product line with the most stringent international standards.
JSC "Vitebsk meat-packing plant» offers products HALAL, whose production is certified in compliance with EC Halal-01: 2012, MS 1500: 2004, MS 1500: 2009. The product line "Halal" presented cooked sausages "East", "Ginger", "Muscat", smoked sausages, "the Mountain", boiled-smoked salami "Spicy," sausage "Oriental", "ginger", "Muscat", boiled ham "Beef." For those who value their time and health care, be sure to try the dumplings "Meat" and khinkali "Powerful" with beef. In 2015, the company has undergone conformity assessment certificate "HALAL" for 2015 by auditors of the Association of Halal industry in Kazakhstan.One more important fact is that the products under “Myaskovit” trade mark possess outstanding gustatory qualities, and receipts are developed by the specialists of OJSC “Vitebsk meat-packing plant” together with RUE “Institution of dairy and meat industry” of the  Republic of  Belarus .

ОАО «Витебский мясокомбинат»

The following certificates ensure high quality and safety of the foodstuffs produced by OJSC “ Vitebsk meat-packing plant”:

  • quality management system (QMS) according to the State Standard STB ISO 9001;
  • quality and products safety management system on the basis of Hazard analysis and critical control points  (HACCP) according to the Sate Standard  STB 1470;  
  • food safety management system (FSMS) according to the State standard STB ISO 22000.
  • labour protection management systems (LPMS) according to the requirements of the State Standard STB18001.
  •  environmental management system ( EMS ) according to the requirements of the State Standard STB 14001.

The recognition and high appraisal of the production quality by the consumers have always been, are and will be the main goal of the staff of JSC “Vitebsk meat-packing plant”.